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< Ben-Shahar> is specliazing in unique, genuine, web AI projects.
Smart websites and smartphone applications, smart data collection, smart research and online machine learning.

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About Us

Founded by Eran Ben-Shahar in 1995 and been in the Web Development space since 1992, Ben-Shahar is one of the first web development companies on planet Earth. We grew up and evoloved with the internet as web pioneers: we developed the first websites in 1993, the first search engine in 1997, the first digital media campgaign in 2000, and then evolved to social media, apps and AI

Have a look at some of our project - which exhibit our creative and special way of thinking:

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We could write here how good we are with Python, how genius we are with PHP and how much we love CSS, HTML5 and Javascript. But what we should actually disucss is the human factor: if you want a machine to learn in a smart way, you need a smart guy to teach it. And smart we are.

Our team is based on smart, academically educated and morally motivated software engineers, scientists and designers. We JUMP on LAMP: Apache on Linux: PHP, Python, MYSQL, MS-SQL, Cassandra, HTML, Javascript, JQuery.

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Tag Predict

A smart social media forecasting tool, based on wisdom of the crowd and user behavior data analysis

Group Plugin

Embed any Facebook group on any website or blog by adding three lines of HTML code to your site

Scraper Crawler

Gets on any web page including search results pages and scrapes any data to unlimited crawl depth


A set of environmental friendly games for kids pointing to educate on ecological subject matters


Live electric vehicles efficiency tool, using live grid data, carbon emission data and spot prices

Ecology Gateway

Automatically generated website with sophisticated data mining and indexing by content categories

ELXN (electri'ction)

An app should be used to reduce personal carbon footprint, reduce ecological impact and power bills


A wisdom of the crowd and AI application to improve punters way to fit when shopping for cloths

Ecological Blog

A blog dedicated completely to ecology, pollution, environment care, sustanability & global warming

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Unfortunately we are fully booked with projects for this year, but please give us a note if you like to collaborate or just to get together for networking!


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